Importance of Owning Your Sexuality

So, an asexual is generally defined as someone who experiences no, or a lack of sexual attraction to others and/ or consistently lacks sexual desire. I, for one, do regard it a legitimate orentation, and therefore, is a result of how a person is wired or biologically made up (possibly epigenetics, etc).

That is not to say, however, that everyone who identifies as “asexual” feels or thinks the same way. It’s fascinating when I read posts on an Asexual group on Facebook, the amount of varying opinions on certain topics relating to sexuality, like sex, libido, even pornography there are. People in the Asexual community all have their own way of expressing and experiencing their asexuality. And I  love that.

My point is, our sexuality should be at the very least, accepted for what it is by us. It’s easy to feel alienated or guilty for not being something else, but all it does is do your head in. I’m also guessing, after the recent exposure and collapse of Exodus International in the U.S, that anyone who does identify as asexual is going to stay that way, unless their sexuality does, by some chance change. However, it can’t be forced. It sounds like no counselling or whatnot is going to change it (note: I do view lack of sexual desire due to sexual trauma different. People in  these situations should get all the help they need.)

Your sexuality is your own and yours alone. Your experiences of love and attraction (or in some cases lack of attraction) are yours. There is very little you can do to change it. Own your sexuality, accept it and give yourself the respect you deserve.  

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