Why Are Signficant Others So Important To Young Adulthood?

So, most people want to have relationships, get married, etc. I get it and respect it. However, what I don’t get is that, if for some reason, you haven’t reached that point in your life or you haven’t kissed anyone (especially of the opposite sex), then you’re not whole. That’s the reason to lose weight for instance.

 My main gripe with that is that it inevitably makes certain people feel that they just aren’t worth it. This includes people who find it particularly hard to find a partner like many asexuals (I’ve read this on FB), people with a disability, and many others that don’t fit what society thinks is worthy.

And also too, what about people who actually choose to be single? Are these people supposed to feel like they shouldn’t be here? Some people are happy being “independent” and feel like they don’t need anyone as a romantic/ sexual partner. Some people are too suspicious of traditional relationships to get involved in one. That’s OK. Or at least it should be.

We need to be sensitive when dealing with people and relationships. Not everyone can be put into a box or live a certain way or be in a certain relationship when someone else dictates that they should. It just doesn’t work like that and people shouldn’t be treated like crap because of it.

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