Fluidity is a concept of sexuality that I think is starting to be talked about more often. More people who identify as straight, for example, admit to experiencing physical/ emotional attraction to members of the same – sex and even go as far as admitting to  having a same – sex relationship.

It does make sense to me. even though I find it to be one of the bizarrest things about being human. No matter how hard you try, sometimes, you just can’t shake it off. You either have feelings which deviate to your sexual orientation or you don’t. Even though British sex researcher, Alfred C. Kinsey popularise the theory fo sexuality being on a continuum and being a  heroic figure in the sexual revolution and gay rights of the 60’s and 70’s, his methodology and consequently, his findings, I believe are flawed. First, he ignored the relevance of romantic orientation in his findings and used rather minute details like virgin status to confirm his findings. Despite this, the Kinsey Scale is still widely accepted. I can see it’s relevance, despite the research methods he used.

Fluid sexuality (and even asexuality itself) really challenges how sexuality is traditionally taught. Even though fluid sexuality and lack of sexual desire may be mentioned in health books, there’s still not enough talk about it in the education system from what I can understand. And that’s sad, because it leaves a lot of students with more questions than answers. They’re left to feel weird and resentful that they don’t fit perfectly in a gay/ straight pidgeon – hole. Maybe it’s just something that everyone (or a lot of people) will just work out themeselves. I think it’s good to have more public awareness on the issue to help adolescence and even adults who feel crazy because they don’t fit any “box”. It may make many people’s lives a little bit easier.

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