Asexuality And the Media

One thing I would love is for asexuality to be discussed more in the media, away from stereotypes and assumptions people may have. A few years ago, a study in the UK estimated that approximately 1% of the population are asexual and in 2006, the creator of the online forum for asexuals, Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) David Jay advertised the site on The View. Other people, as well as couples in America spoke about their experiences of being asexual on other news programs.

Fans of the hit sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory” have speculated that physics expert Sheldon is asexual. I don’t usually speculate on a character’s sexuality unless it’s made public in the storyline that X is whatever orientation they are.

Few years ago, blogger Jo Qualmann, had a feature in Australia’s Cleo magazine, briefly explaining her asexual identity. Apart from an option in a survey, nothing has been spoken in the media since. I don’t mind reading about other people, sex advice (although that can get tiresome and boring), but I want there to be a bit more about asexuality. I know we’re only a very small minority, but don’t our voices deserve to be heard?

I would love, to, for there to be more exposure in the media abour asexual romantic relationships (or when at least one partner is asexual). I think it would be great to share stories about how other people deal with relationships, a part from hearing how important sex is.

I hope it’s only a matter of time before the discussion keeps on going. Maybe, it’s up to the asexual community to be willing to be open and honest about how we feel, and not hide. I’ve often thought about commenting on the Cosmopolitan (Australia) or Cleo magazine pages on Facebook about presenting stories and features on asexuality a bit more, but I guess, I haven’t had the guts to. Maybe I should… well, just see what happens.

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