Pain of Beauty

It’s no surprise, really, that people, both men and women, think that stilettos are sexy. They’ve been in fashion for as long as I can remenber, from catwalks and magazines, to high school formals and deb balls and  other special events. I had mild fascination with high – heels when playing dressups at pre school )when basically my whole foot would’ve fitted in the toe part). By primary school and early high school, it was more the heels that covered the hole heel and about 3 cm roughly. As a progressed into high school, and certainly in my adulthood, my fascination with high heels has well – and – truly waned all together.

Stilettos have been worrying health professionals for years. Podiatrists have warned about crows feet and other defomities potentially caused by consistently wearing high heels, back problems, neck and head pain, and the list goes on. Even “Sex and the City” star Sarah – Jessica Parker has admitted that she struggles with pain bought on by ongoing stietto wear over the years of playing Carrie Bradshaw.

Why do so many women put themselves through so much agony? Not surprisingly, a recent study confirmed that both men and women  think htat women look attractive and confident. But why do women have to endure pain and long – term damage to be confident and to potentially attract a member of the opposite sex? I’ll be upfront, I don’t get the whole attracting a mate thing full stop. But do straight men really expect women to sacrifice their own health and well – being for beauty? Can a woman just be happy and confident the way she is? like seriously!

Look, I’m not trying to judge either men or women. You either find someone or something attractive or you don’t. I get that. However, I will say, it bothers me that women (and men) come to the conclusion that to be OK, you have to put yourself in harms way and potentially risk your life in order to be deemed “attractive” or, even more importantly, to be OK with yourself. In my opinion, it’s just gone to far.

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