The Need For Acceptance

Everyone craves acceptance from those around them. Our sexuailty can be one topic where conflicts can occur. Frankly, I’ve read some pretty bad stories about the rejection of asexuals as they come out to family, friends, or even potential dates. To be clear, Asexuals don’t get the same persecution as LGBTQI people get. Nor is hostility so avert.

What many asexual people face when coming out to family, friends, online, etc is denial of the existence of their orientation, the assumption that one can be “fixed” (either by medical means or even sex itself), intrusive rude questions, and general social isolation.

That’s actually why I created this blog in the first place; to raise awareness about asexuality, and also how it somehow relates to me personally (as well as other subjects, as you can tell). I can’t wait until we come to the point when we just accept each other for who we are, or at least accept the fact that everyone is different. We can dream, can’t we?

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