Pornification of Sex

We live in a world filled with pornography. It’s everywhere whether we like it or not. We are bombarded with sexual images right left and centre. If we choose, we can even view even more porn via the Internet for free.

I’ve just been reading an article called “Generation XXX” and what read troubled me, frankly. Not about the fact that people want to pornify sex, but the lack of communication in relationships and women feeling like they have to “perform” with a partner. They’re being expected to perform acts they’re uncomfortable without question, regardless whether they want to or not. Where’s the respect? Where’s the communication?!

In my opinion, pornography has become overly normalised. It’s even just “expected” that teens and pre – teens will search it out. There’s even being discussions on integrating pornography into sex education (even though, under Australian law as it currently stands, deliberately presenting pornography to a minor is actually deemed a sex crime).

Interestingly, despite stereotypes, it’s not just men who are deliberately accessing and wantting to act out porn. Women are becoming big consumers of the market (approximately 30% of consumers of porm are women). So are women putting pressure on themselves to act in a certain way while having sex? Is this what has come of feminism and gender equality? It’s has to be said that there are markets for “female – friendly porn” and even “feminist porn” where the art of “love making’ or the pleasure of the woman is the main focus.

I’m not a huge fan of censorship of legal content (that’s including the majority of adult entertainment). But discussion needs to be started, especially to young people about respect and communication in a relationship and, if need be, putting pornographic images in context. This discussion has been started, but frankly, I don’t think there’s enough. Too many young people, boys and men in particular, are entering the world of pornography with no context given and demanding certain acts from female lovers or partners. For many of them, it’s probably the only “sex ed” that they’re getting.

It’s probably not something that can be stopped and, chances are if we just condemn pornography, it’ll only go underground which, frankly, will probably make things even worse. But we need to stop treating pornography as if it’s “normal” and dismissing concerns of people about the issue. We need to bust myths about sex and sexuality and give boht men and women a voice of what they both truly want and how to ask for it while respecting their partner’s wishes too.

No one should be forced to do anything sexually that they don’t want to and no one has the right to do anything to another person they don’t approve of, or haven’t given consent to. We really need to go back on basics of respect, even in the midst of what seems to be a ponography pandemic.

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