Heterosexual Awareness Month (HAM) FB Page

On Facebook, there’s a  page called Heterosexual Awareness Month (apparently there’s a website of the same name). It appears to be an extremely homophobic and brutal page, supposedly “promoting” heterosexual pride” trying to escape from the “gay agenda”. If you look it up on Google, you’ll get some websites, and even a YouTube video saying it’s satire to actually in a sense, make fun of homophobia rather than endorse it.

Even though I can see the argument that it could be seen as biting satire (possibly black humour), the page is brutal. Members of the page don’t seem to be open up for discussion about issues such as the formation of sexual orientation or having a decent discussion about theology regarding homosexuality. Frankly, I don’t see any of it as funny, and frankly, I’ve even thought of reporting it so it can be shut down. Not because I’m against free speech, but, I think some of it borderlines bullying. Some of the discussions, especially when opposing views are expressed, are just plain nasty.

My biggest gripe with it, whether it’s satire/ black humour or a serious hate campaign, someone can come across it, take it badly and have their lives ruined because of it (e.g. suicide, etc). Cyber bullying, can never, EVER been condoned and I often umm and aahh whether this page is actually frankly, a form of cyber bullying against LGBT people. Online hate campaigns can’t be condoned, considering it can have such dire consequences, such as youth suicide.

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