Sexuality in Public

I read a FB comment before lamenting the emphasis of the LGBT and how “what they do in the bedroom” shouldn’t be shoved in the person’s face. I get what this person was trying to say. But, sexuality is more complex than what happens “in the bedroom”.

Sexuality, especially surrounding the LGBT has become a sociological issue that everyone has become a part of. The issue of legalising gay marriage is something that almost everyone has an opinion on one way or another.

Also, the fact that the LGBT have experienced (and still experience) discrimination, violence, bullying and ostracism in mainstream society, despite the fact that most people say the Western world has become more accepting and more tolerant,  LGBT people still are at greater risk of discrimination, bullying, harrassment and even sexual assault.

It’s a social issue because young people in particular have taken their own lives because of the rejection of family and friends when identifying as gay/ bi/ trans.

It’s become an issue because, until recently, the gay community were not only discriminated against, but violently attacked by authorities.

Also, most people express their sexuality publicly in some fomr. Whether it’s buying a sweetheart a card for Valentine’s Day, holdilng a partner/ spouse’s hand or another gesture of affection, most people have ways of expressing their sexuality to the world. However, with LGB people with same – sex partners, (especially young people) often feel judged or stared at by doing the same thing that straight people in relationships/ marriages often do almost be default.

Also, especially at school or for many people, probably college/ uni, many people talk about their relationships with boyfriends/ girlfriends/ fiancees, etc. And it’s in these situations tha LGB and even asexuals can feel left out. (I myself felt like this when I was younger).

I don’t think “what happens in the bedroom” is what’s going public (and frankly, I don’t think it necessarily should). It’s our experiences of love and affection that are seen throough the eyes of the public. It’s about making a statement about who you are and who you love emotionally. It’s saying “this is who I love emotionally. It’s got very little to do with what happens “in the bedroom”.

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