One of The Hardest Things

I’ll admit, one of the hardest things is to accept yourself as you are. Frankly, there’s so many messages to tell you the exact opposite; whether it’s to do with losing weight and looking a certain way, or just being “normal” human being. Anything else, frankly, seems to be unacceptable.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that it’s important to accept yourself, regardless of what anyone else thinks (or what you think people may think), but that’s a lot easier said than done. Whether to do with looks, life stage, career, relationships and sexuality… the ways that people (especially women) are compared and judged are endless. If not, there’s always that inner critic in your head telling you the worst case scenario or picking at your flaws. It may not always be constant, but it’s there.

So what can we do about it? I think some people may grasp the concept of self – acceptance easily, while others may struggle throughout their lives. I get (kind of) why it’s important, but i don’t necessariy think it’s the whole “no one else will love you if you don’t love yourself’. My theory is that accepting yourself means living the truth throughout your life, even when no one else sees it or knows. Accepting yourself, I believe, gives you more a certain peace more than anything and it can stop you obssessing aobut yourself to focus on others. (That’s the sad irony of narcicism, narcists appear arrogant, but are really falling apart and have such low self – esteem).

I honestly believe to accept yourself (without being selfish) helps you deal with truth a lot easier than if you are living a lie.

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