Around the World

So apparently, according to various statistics, out of 100 people:

  • 8% of people are taking pictures of strangers without them knowing (Nokia study)
  • 3% of people have had sex today (Playboy sex survey 2011)
  • 1% can lick their elbow (
  • 2% are vegetarian (Australian Vegetarian Society Newspoll Survey 2010)
  • 12% haven’t had a shower in three days (Hygiene company Svenska Cellulosa Aktlebalogner (SCA)
  • 22% have cheated on their partner ( Lust, Love and Loyalty)
  • 6% are not wearing underwear (
  • 2% are natural redheads (
  • 7% have never had a bikini wax (Huffington Post)
  • 2% have green eyes (
  • 7% have a university degree (Study of Economics Robert J Barrow of Harvard University  and Jong – Wha Lee of Asian Development Bank)
  • 1% has been to jail (International Centre for Prisoner Studies)
  • 2% will live to 100 (UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Division 2012)
  • 5% are LGB (Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society La Trove University)
  • 15% are illiterate (UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) nstitute for Statistics, Adult and Youth Literacy, 2001)
  • 1% is a psychopath (Legal and Criminological Psychology Journal)

One stat they left out:

APPROXIMATELY 1% OF PEOPLE IDENTIFY AS ASEXUAL! One of these days we’ll get noticed.

Physical Affection

So, apparently there’s brothels that offer physical affection (like hugs) as opposed to sex. And it got me thinking about asexuality and non – sexual/ platonic physical affection.

I love physical affection. I’ve always loved hugs in particular. Just holding someone and resting your head on their shoulder is just so sweet; for me anyway.

There are asexuals (and probably people of other orientations) that are indifferent or uncomfortable with any form of physical affection. I do think in regard to physical affection, context and appropriateness needs to be taken into consideration. If someone doesn’t like it, then they don’t like it. It’s not my place or anyone else’s to impose any alternative views on someone else.

Cultures can play a part in how human interactions as well. Apparently, generally, Americans, for example, are very physical and don’t mind hugging someone or having their personal space invaded. However, Scandinavians are the opposite: they prefer personal space and not to be swamped by strangers. In some cultures, gender comes into play. For example, in Aboriginal (Australian) cultures, it’s often taboo for people of the opposite sex who aren’t related to show physical affection because they take it as a sexual advance.

The key, as with everything, is respect.  People on all sides of physical affection preferences deserve to be heard and respected. Whether you’re a snuggle bunny or like to maintain your personal space, may you live in happiness. 🙂