Around the World

So apparently, according to various statistics, out of 100 people:

  • 8% of people are taking pictures of strangers without them knowing (Nokia study)
  • 3% of people have had sex today (Playboy sex survey 2011)
  • 1% can lick their elbow (
  • 2% are vegetarian (Australian Vegetarian Society Newspoll Survey 2010)
  • 12% haven’t had a shower in three days (Hygiene company Svenska Cellulosa Aktlebalogner (SCA)
  • 22% have cheated on their partner ( Lust, Love and Loyalty)
  • 6% are not wearing underwear (
  • 2% are natural redheads (
  • 7% have never had a bikini wax (Huffington Post)
  • 2% have green eyes (
  • 7% have a university degree (Study of Economics Robert J Barrow of Harvard University  and Jong – Wha Lee of Asian Development Bank)
  • 1% has been to jail (International Centre for Prisoner Studies)
  • 2% will live to 100 (UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Division 2012)
  • 5% are LGB (Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society La Trove University)
  • 15% are illiterate (UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) nstitute for Statistics, Adult and Youth Literacy, 2001)
  • 1% is a psychopath (Legal and Criminological Psychology Journal)

One stat they left out:

APPROXIMATELY 1% OF PEOPLE IDENTIFY AS ASEXUAL! One of these days we’ll get noticed.

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