Everyone is Different!

I was watching a video on an asexual Facebook page called “You. Are. Sexual”. The host of the video strongly and quite passionately argued that labels are flawed, and even the Kinsey scale is too simplistic.

While I get his argument, and for the most part agree with it, I truly believe that many people DO fit the labels and are more than likely not going to change. There are some people, for example, who’ve known since the onset of puberty that they were asexual and haven’t experienced much to contradict that. Yes, some of those may experience some sexual/ physical attraction in the future that may cause questions. And, yes, I do agree that just because of one feeling, it doesn’t change your orientation. I get that. My argument is that, I believe that some people may go through their whole lives, regardless of sexual orientation, that won’t experience anything that contradicts that “label”. Those people shouldn’t be discarded by being told “no, sexuality is fluid. You’re not gay/ straight, etc. You really don’t fit anywhere”, when, by their own admission, they do identify with a certain label.

Here’s the thing, I get that sexuality isn’t necessarily black and white. However saying that everyone’s sexuailty is indefinable is just as flawed in my view as saying that everyone has a static sexuality. Everyone is different.

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