Singleness Vs. Loneliness

Christmas is coming; often a time when families get together, exchange gifts, share a meal, exchange gifts and just relax together (or theoretically anyway. I’m aware that for many people it may not be so straightforward and cheerful).

However, many people, often single, will spend their Christmas by themselves. Now, for those who deliberately choose to be alone on Christmas Day, it’s no problem. But my heart breaks for those who are by themselves for Christmas and they may not have a choice, especially those who are widowed or have been estranged from immediate family. It’s sad to me that these people are often forgotten and abandoned at this time of year. If they’re lucky, they may have one or two people who may send them a Christmas card for the day, but still, when the day comes around, essentially they have no one that they can go to easily.

I know it’s a bleak picture and I’m seriously not trying to bring everyone down at this time of year. I just hope that everyone who reads this, asexual or not, has at least one family member or friend who they can spend Christmas Day with if they wish. And, I want to say especially to those who do identify as asexual, I hope that you won’t be lonely this Christmas. I hope everyone can find someone with whom they can share this time of year with.

Whether single or in a relationship (whatever that may mean for your situation), everyone deserves to enjoy Christmas and, for most people it’s with people they love. I hope for all of you, that this is a reality for you.

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