Pope Francis pointed out to an admirer that he too, was unique. It’s great to see a person of such influence and authority (for the 1 billion Catholics) to acknowledge that everyone is unique and worth acknowledging.

It made me think whether we as a society truly acknowledge our own uniqueness and the uniqueness of others. We always want to make sure that someone is like us. Why do you think discrimination abounds worldwide?

The asexual community is just getting acknowledged by academics and society. However, unfortunately,  many asexuals feel misunderstood and sometimes discriminated against. We may not face the same discrimination as the LGBT, but it would still hurt (I haven’t faced any myself). Why can’t asexuality be acknowledged as something that is “different” and able to be recognised and celebrated? “Coming out” as asexual to people is daunting (I’ve come out a few times before). Why can’t we acknowledge for some people that a lack of sexual attraction is just a part of some people’s “uniqueness”?

I applaud those asexuals who have come out so publicly, like the creator of AVEN (Asexual Visibility and Education Network) back in 2006 and other people who have come out in the media and are not afraid to open up in general, rather than staying silent.

I understand it when people argue “why does someone have to “come out”? Why does what happen in someone’s bedroom affect me?” (this is mostly said about members of the gay community). Answer: because sexuality is beyond what “happens in the bedroom. It’s how we relate to others, how we love, how we see ourselves as humans. Very few people today can escape acknowledging their sexuailty, even just to themselves. People feel the need to “come ouit” because of the desire to fit in and be accepted. In fact, I think it’ll be great for a whole lot of people in the LGBT and the asexual communities if they didn’t have to “come out”. It’ll be great if it wasn’t an issue, however, it is.

We all have the need to be accepted for who we are. And when we can get to that point, we won’t feel the need to expose so much of ourselves. To just “be” without there being such an issue. I’m day dreaming again, I can tell. Because we don’t live in an ideal world.

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