Was Jesus Asexual?

From time to time, there’s talk about Jesus’ sexuality and relationship status. Was He married? Did He always remain single? Was He asexual?

Last year, a piece of parchment was found, supposedly quoting that Jesus had a “bride”. This fragment is essentially useless to scholars and historians because the rest of the parchment can’t be found, so the context is unknown.

For me, it doesn’t matter. Jesus could’ve been asexual, no one knows. As I’ve said in the past, I get annoyed when people spiritualise asexuality. For me, it just is. To me, Jesus’ ministry (and His eventual death and resurrection) and what it signifies is far more important than whether He was married or not.

Jesus came for a mission to save the world and bring reconciliation between God and man. Anything that makes us lose focus on that, I believe, is a big mistake.


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