(A)Sexuality Is NOT A Fad

In the latest series of “My Kitchen Rules” “best friends” Carly and Tresne revealed the true nature of their relationship; they are a couple. Comments on the New Idea website (I think), that this “revelation” was simply a publicity stunt by the producers purely for ratings.

I have a problem with this idea of making a sexual orientation into a sort of  “fad”. I get that people are trying to gain acceptance for the LGB, but I truly think that using sexuality, in this case, for ratings is wrong.

It’s the same with this never -ending focus on bisexuality. Of course, the bisexuals are rarely in monogamous relationships or,  someone is labelled “bisexual” when he/she has slept with both men and women and usually, more than one of each gender. Whether people are in monogamous relationships is their choice. My argument is that this constant portrayal of bisexual people only feeds into social biphobia rather than just awareness.

Asexuality is starting to be talked about on and off. I would love for the day when it is talked about more openly. However, what I don’t want is for asexuality to be mocked, caricatured or negatively stereotyped. Like in all groups and identities, asexual people, even though small in percentage of the population, are diverse group. I’ve been fascinated by the number of views and experiences that are posted by people in the Asexuality groups I’m a part of on Facebook. Lack of sexual attraction and desire links us together, but rather than that, we’re a diverse group. I would like for that to be portrayed when there’s more talk on asexuality. More academic research will be a good start, I think.

Payne it’s up to us asexuals to start a genuine discussion about our own personal experiences, thoughts and feelings. I realise that there’s a number of projects that allow people to share their experiences and thoughts.

Does anyone think there’s not enough awareness on asexuality? Is anybody personally been involved in any asexuality research projects or visibility campaigns? Any ideas on what could be done, if anything?

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