Why Can’t Women Just Be?

I read in article yesterday that female pubic hair is back in. It is actually in demand from the consumers of adult entertainment.

So it sounds like women can relax finally… for now anyway. First something is “in”, then “out” then in again. women can’t seem to win. I understand men feel unimaginable pressure to.

Why can’t we just be ourselves? I’m not against waxing or other things that people want to do to make themselves feel better. Frankly, what I am against, is when others are rejected or treated cruelly because they don ‘t fit the ideal. In all honesty, I find the pressure that’s placed on women to look like a porn star to be quite misogynistic (and of course, it’s wrong against men too).

My belief is, everyone should own they’re own bodies. Nobody has a right to demean of abuse or objectify another human being. We need the culture of respect to return. And I hope it happens soon.

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