Is It Just Me Or Is This Really Over The Top?

In, there is a petition basically accusing the youth mental health organisation Headspace of “promoting homosexuality” in Victorian schools and encouraging students to “try it” (experimenting with members of the same sex ).

Now, I get that people are against same – sex sexual behaviour and honestly, I’m not criticising anyone for that. This is pure scaremongering and the demonisation of a much needed youth mental health service. I can’t for the life of me see a professional organisation telling someone to try something they are not comfortable with. The role of any organisation is to get clientele to practise free will and respecting the values and cultures of the individuals they support, and all with confidentiality held with the upmost importance (except when abuse has been disclosed or a crime is being committed).

Headspace are going to run a program called Peninsula Pride, from, what I understand is to support LGBTQ youth, but the ethics and legal requirements would still apply.

i don’t get the scaremongering of some people. It doesn’t give them any credit and doesn’t  help anybody. I, for one, am a big fan of Headspace, and, frankly, in my view, they are much needed and they don’t need to be slammed like this.

3 comments on “Is It Just Me Or Is This Really Over The Top?

  1. Reblogged this on Bryan Patterson's Faithworks and commented:
    Worth reading!!!!!

  2. gladys says:

    Tally Ho! ….and Yoicks! :-
    and these people are THE authority on matters Eternal?

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