Sexuality and Choice

I may have written about this before, so I apologise if you have read something similar.  So is it a choice?

There is no conclusive answer to what causes someone’s sexual orientation., however, I have heard that epigenetics and is formed by early childhood (about three or five). There have also been suggestions about brain structure plays a part.

I know now my science is pretty basic, but I know one thing, I didn’t choose to be asexual. I really didn’t. Frankly, sometimes I have wished that I wasn’t (I’m fine now).

Of course, you have the choice on whom and if you have a sexual relationship with a person, but that isn’t what sexual orientation is primarily about. It’s pattern of attraction, usually, both sexual and romantic. Do people have choice about these? I frankly think no. Not for the most part anyway.

I’m curious, what do you people think? Anyone know any updated studies on the topic?

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