Elitism Shouldn’t Be Encouraged By Anyone

Sometimes on an Asexuality group on a Facebook, there is talk about asexual elitism. Understandably, and quite rightly, the Admins condemn such behaviour.  One of the problems of minority elitism, apart from being nasty, accomplishes nothing but further alienation from other members of the community.

Examples of elitism from sexual minorities include:

  • asexuals saying that non – asexuals are just after sex
  • Bisexuals being alienated from the gay community and being unfairly and negatively stereotyped
  • People who are cisgender gay/ lesbian/ bisexual alienating people who are transgender

Such demonisation and stereotypes are harmful to everyone. There are bad people in all human demographics, but that’s not to say that everyone is like that.

Also too, a number of asexuals claim that there is nothing that they can do to change their asexuality and that think they were simply ” born that way”. If that’s the case, we have to assume allosexuals (gay, bi, straight, pan), are simply ” born that way” too.

i hope elitism isn’t widespread among asexuals and I hope that elitism that does exist does die out. I also hope that any that exists within the LGBT dies out or, at the very least, heavily criticised. If we can’t stand up for each other, how can we fight our rights and for genuine recognition? Enough is enough. Let’s fight for genuine respect, but we have to be willing to give some to.


2 comments on “Elitism Shouldn’t Be Encouraged By Anyone

  1. Kip says:

    I always say, I can’t wait for someone to respect me before I respect them. I must respect them first.

  2. saraharnetty says:

    Good one, Kip.

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