The Asexual Community and the LGBT

Sometimes there is discussion among asexual people on Facebook on whether asexuals belong within the LGBT community. Sure, some of them may be allies, but other than that, people are divided about whether we belong under the LGBT umbrella or not (even if you use a different acronym like GSD (Gender and Sexual Diverse).

I suppose historically and politically, the Asexual community hasn’t had the same battles that the LGBT have faced. From what I understand, events like the Stonewall Riots in the US in the ’60’s (or 70’s?) which protested against police brutality and the decriminilisation of homosexuality haven’t happened within the Asexual community. On a broad scale, Asexuals also haven’t faced the same moral condemnation that the LGBT have faced over the years.

For me personally, I haven’t had anything to do with the LGBT community basically because of where I live more than anything. I can understand both sides of the argument. On one hand, we don’t fit (those who are also cisgender anyway). Then, on the other hand, maybe we can relate to some of the struggles that members of the LGBT people face, like prejudices, being misunderstood, being seemingly invisible, non – acceptance, etc.

I suppose it’s up to individual choice whether people can “fit” under the LGBT umbrella. For me, I’ve got to say I understand some of the struggles that LGBTyoung people may go through (fear of non – acceptance, feeling isolated when I was younger, etc). I’m not going to pretend, though, that I can fully relate or understand with all the struggles that LGBT people go through, but I can say I honestly  relate to some of the issues that they face.

I guess that everyone’s journey, whether asexual or not, is going to be different. That’s OK. As long as we can get along and respect and be respected by each other.


2 comments on “The Asexual Community and the LGBT

  1. saraharnetty says:

    Thanks, Bryan. 🙂

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