What I Think About Labels

In terms of sexuality, there seems to be a sense of abandonment of labels. Labels are seen as too restrictive. I think elements of human nature are complex, like gender, sexuality and even ethnicity, but that doesn’t mean labels aren’t helpful for some people.

Many people don’t have to think too much about labels or how they define themselves. They don’t have to think what gender they are, for example. They just know from instinct. Most people can just go with the flow, and to a degree, conform to societal standards.

However, there are people either or not by choice, who do not fit into societal  ”norms’. These people often try to form groups of like – minded people, or get involved in sub cultures that maybe seen as quite foreign to mainstream society.

Labels can be an easier way to explain ourselves to others if need be. Unfortunately, sometimes, life isn’t ‘t so black and white and labels are seen of more of a hindrance than a help. I can understand that may be the case for some people. I would argue though, that’ll many, if not most people can make labels fit quite comfortably. I think issues may arise if they are imposed by others and they don’t fit. I think that’s what happened to me and part of the reason why I didn’t identify as asexual until I was nearly twenty – one, even though I suspected I was different years before that.

At the end of the day, the only person who can give you labels is you. Only you can know where you fit in the world or whether or not you belong to a particular group. The trick is to listen to your heart, which is often drowned out by all the noise outside.

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