Why Are So Many Asexuals Atheist?

I’ve just read two blog posts from two asexual bloggers who describe themselves as atheists. One blog (The Asexual Agenda) posted that 23% of asexual people claim to be atheist. I wonder why that is? I understand that asexuals come from theistic backgrounds (myself included), but atheism seems to be a bit over represented in my view.

As a Christian, I have never really had any problem with other Christians surrounding asexuality. Then again, it never gets bought up in conversation, and if subjects like sexuality come up, I have tended to go with the flow. Interestingly, since posts have appeared on my Facebook page, there hasn’t been any backlash against me from any of my friends.

Who does have a religious background? If you’re asexual, how does that affect the way you view your asexuality? For those who are atheists, what do you think?

One comment on “Why Are So Many Asexuals Atheist?

  1. acetheist says:

    I’m not sure, but I suppose it’s the same reason that the larger LGBT+ community is seen as being more disproportionately atheist — which may not be an intuitive assumption, since the bile towards them from various religions (the Christian Church especially) has been more pointed than what asexual people get. However, as far as Christians go, I think a lot of them 1) aren’t very educated on MOGAI stuff, and 2) in the case of abstinence-before-marriage Christians, aren’t expecting themselves to be trying to have sex anyway, and then once they get married, they may feel too much shame to really go seeking out the kind of community that would support them (and even if they did — if they’re the relatively conservative types, the ace community’s acceptance of nonbinary genders and such may provoke them to turn up their noses and walk away).

    So, while I can’t say for sure, it may simply be that being an atheist presents the fewest obstacles (or, of the beliefs that present the fewest obstacles, is the belief that is the most popular/numerous) to realizing one is asexual and seeking community, in that respect.

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