Sexual And a Gender Diverse Education & Activism in Schools – What About Asexual Students?

Just before in a blog, I read about an initiative to stamp out homophobia and transphobia in schools and to create a more inclusive environment for LGBT students. I get (and support) the initiative, however, I also fear that some students may feel left out. What about students struggling with their sexuality? What about asexual students (or students who believe they lack sexual attraction). Are they going to be included?

I don’t in any way water down the negative experiences that many LGBT students face, sometimes on a daily basis. They need support and need to feel safe no question, but I also believe that asexual students should be recognised too. It can be isolating at school when you realise (or at least feel like) you don’t belong anywhere. Maybe teachers, School Counsellors, etc could be made more aware of asexuality as an orientation.

Another group that I would like to have acknowledged (if they aren’t already) is students (even in late teens), who are really conflicted with their sexuality. I believe there needs to be more emphasis on the fact that sometimes sexuality isn’t always so black and white (same with gender).

This isn’t about political correctness or a certain “agenda”, I just strongly believe that all students should be supported at school, and that includes students that lack sexual attraction.

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