About Nudity

I started reading an article on the Mammamia blog about two housemates (both female) who both decided to be naked when they were at home, even in the presence of each other. I’m kind of ashamed to say that the whole idea of being naked around a housemate made me feel a bit squeamish.  Why? Because when I thought “nudity” I automatically thought of sexual innuendo.

I believe that society has sexualised nudity. Think about it, why do we criticise women for not wearing enough? Why has breast feeding in public become a topic of such heated debate? I believe, it ‘s at least partly, because when we think of nudity, sex comes immediately to mind, at least for most people. People who live in nudist communities seem to be able to differentiate between the two, but others don’t seen to.

Even as children, we are warned that they are”private” and as we get older, sexual innuendo surrounds the genital area, like ‘sexual organs’. Yet, it is only one function of the genitals fop or both men and women. They’re used to birth a child, where menstruation passes through,  where urine passes, etc. Yet, we have, I’m coming to believe, reduce it to purely sex.

Just as I’m typing this, I just heard of a controversy a Neighbours star who was condemned for posting bare breasts on Twitter, supposedly as a protest.  I’m not exactly listening to the show, but I’m hearing the term “meltdown” a lot. So now wanting to be nude, you’re automatically mentally unstable? (That should NEVER be trivialised by the way). However, ironically, I did just hear that the Twitter image was a protest about the over sexualisation of women’s bodies. Protests in countries like Russia and Egypt (I think), about women’s liberation has. Included public nudity or posting naked images online.

Can’t bodies, both male and female, just be admired on an aesthetic level? Can’t we just acknowledge a lovely/ attractive physique without sexualising it? I just thought I’d point out that I’m not advocating for public nudity or anything. I’m just wondering whether we have the right idea about nudity.

What do you think? Do you think we unnecessarily sexualise nudity? What are your views about nudity in general?

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