Sex Positivity

Sex positivity is something that is, on the whole healthy, both within and outside the asexual community. However, (and this is a BIG however), we should not medicalise or go out to psychoanalyse people who say that they find it disgusting or otherwise unfavourable.

I made a post last year on the importance of owning your sexuality. Sometimes, that means accepting the fact that you don’t want it and accepting the fact that the idea of sex doesn’t appeal to you.

I admit, sometimes, sexual content in movies,etc makes me kind of squeamish. Other times, I’m just apathetic about the whole thing. Quite frankly, what stresses me out is when the whole idea that we’re all MEANT to be sexual or the one like it, that everyone feels (or is meant to feel) sexual attraction stresses me out. Frankly, it makes me feel alienated at time

Another group that should be given respect is people who choose to remain celibate for whatever reason. I’ve read a lot about Christians who identify as gay. Since the closing of ministries like Exodus International in the US and Living Waters in Australia, the debate has changed in a lot of Christian circles from whether people should change from gay to straight to whether or not they should remain celibate. Christians, of all orientations are divided on this. Some gay Christians (and yes,  for this article, I am using the terms ‘gay Christian’), feel convicted to remain celibate. They too should be respected.

Regardless of the reasoning for people to remain celibate, such people deserve respect. Similarly, people who feel apathetic toward sex or even feel averse or repulsed by sex should also be treated with respect, without automatically pitying them or treating them like they have something that needs to be ‘fixed’. We are all different and I wish we could at least begin to respect that.



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