Ian Thorpe ‘Comes Out’ and Why It’s Still Hard To Come Out

Spoiler alert: Tonight (in Australia), a Michael Parkinson interview with former gold medallist Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe will be televised at 6PM. And, according to blogger/ columnist Andrew Bolt, Thorpe admits that he is gay, despite denying it in the past.

Bolt goes on to say that it shouldn’t be an issue. But for thousands of people who are anything other than cisgender and straight ( including myself as an asexual), it’s still hard to not identify as straight. In fact, an incident in the AFL where a player was called the P word, made Thorpe even more reluctant to come out.

i have said before that I get why people are asking what the big deal is and have also argued strongly that, whether we like to admit it or not, homophobia/ bi phobia and Trans phobia are still common. The asexual community still deals with ridicule, invisibility, and at worst, violence. I do applaud Bolt’s attitude though. It would be nice if it was actually the case. It’s just not the reality… dare I say it… yet.

i would like for both the freedom to both come out to everyone without issue and also to not feel the need to come out. I would love for it to not bring uncertainty and fear for people who want to come out. I just honestly think we’re not there yet.

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