Nature of Relationships Worth Having

When I saw the episode of Winners and Losers, I cried. It was just after I came out to my cousin. That  was when I realised what love meant. The bond that the three girls, Frances James (Virginia Gaye), Sophie Wong (Melanie Vellejo) and Jenny Gross (Melissa Bergland) have is such a beautiful and rare thing. Friends since high school, in mid twenties, their relationships survive break ups, cancer scare of a parent (Jenny’s mother Trish, played by Denise Scott), and many other trials. Yet, their friendships survive and thrive through it all and even more.

This particular episode, especially where the 1927’s ballad was sung made me emotional because I realised what love is (at least at a messy human level). All relationships, whether familial, friendship, etc have their trials. In the end, truths about everyone come to light, both good and bad. People laugh, cry, get mad, yet, sometimes by a miracle, survive great storms. That is what we’re made for. Regardless of who you are, we all need different people by our side.

It is such a gift to have solid relationships. What I’ve been learning is to achieve the type of relationships you need in your life, you have to be willing to let people in. Those people who are worth your time will be the ones who will love you unconditionally.

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