Why Does Sexuality Have To Affect Everything?

Recently, there was a report In the paper from a city near where I live that reported on a petition to allow a girl at a local high school to allow her to bring her female partner to the school’s deb. The school ended up buckling under pressure and allowing the girl to bring her partner. Here’s the thing; the girl’s partner was forbidden from the deb, not because she was in a same – sex relationship, but because she was twenty – one and not a student at the school.

There have been other cases where a Year 12 student has taken their school to court for not allowing their same – sex partners to the formal on the grounds of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. As anyone who knows anything about me, even from this blog, it’s that discrimination makes my blood boil. However what I don’t understand is why sexuality has to be at the forefront of pretty much every debate we have. Why is sexuality almost always bought into the equation?

At my Year 12 formal, the issue of sexuality was never bought up or debated. I am so glad it went like that. There were partners and even groups that went to the formal together. Personally, I went with a male friend. It was so much fun! Why can’t it be that way? If a guy and girl who are friends want to go together to a formal, well fine. If two female friends (or male) want to go together to their formal, let them go their hardest. If couples want to go together (whatever genders), then fine. But it doesn’t always have to be about sexuality.

There are people in the world (Australia included), where people are discriminated against, bullied or even assaulted or killed on the basis of their sexuality. I don’t deny that. However, I don’t believe the examples I wrote above needs to be put in such a category. Formals, in my view aren’t about sexuality. They’re about celebrating a milestone,( i.e. finishing school). It’s about having fun with school friends, maybe for the last time, at least for a while. Bothy formalism (and deb balls traditionally), signify entering adulthood and everything that it’s going to entail. That’s got little to do with being straight, gay, bi, pan ace, etc.

I have argued before that schools should be aware and supportive of students of all orientations. All students should feel safe and supported, no matter who they are. But sexuality shouldn’t, in my opinion, always be an issue. Why can’t friendships be given equal consideration.

Another thing, gay rights activists and the liberal media or themselves no favours spreading false and, quite frankly inflammatory information. It’ll only backfire on the LGBT community, if it hasn’t already. Yes, advocate for just treatment, for the end to discrimination, but spreading misinformation and starting arguments that don’t need to happen aren’t going to help anyone.


2 comments on “Why Does Sexuality Have To Affect Everything?

  1. V says:

    It would be great if it wasn’t an issue, but unfortunately, it very much is and does affect a lot of things, because a lot of people can’t just get over it and let people do what they want to do.
    I went to a Catholic high school, and you can imagine their stance towards same-sex couples at a formal dance. Two guys or girls could buy individual “singles” tickets for about $75 bucks each, but they could never get the “couples” price of $100 total.That was very clearly stated to be for “1 guy and 1 girl.” This also applied to getting photos taken at the dance, making sure you sat at the same table, etc. which means that the discrimination continued throughout the whole night.
    For a lot of teenagers, formals are the most fairy-tale romantic thing they get to do in their high school life. This is perpetuated by the media quite a bit, but that doesn’t change the fact that most kids think it’s a huge deal, especially when in a relationship. Thus, for the sexual people, it’s very much about sexuality, and being discriminated against can be extremely devastating in that situation.

    • saraharnetty says:

      I get your point. For me, like I said, I’m just glad it wasn’t bought up when I did mine, I can understand that it would be upsetting if you really did want to bring a partner but couldn’t. It would totally stink if you did have a partner but you had to go as singles. Thanks for your input.

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