In A Perfect World…

The West haven’t made it in terms of accepting LGBT+ people. Quite frankly, I honestly don’t think that simply legalising gay marriage is going to fix the problems, either.

So what does if look like when we’ve made it in terms of equakity? Here’s a few points I’ve come up with:

We’ve made it when:

  • Someone’s sexuality doesn’t cause media hysteria
  • When sexuality isn’t used purely for ratings (like on My Kitchen Rules)
  • When words like ‘gay’ are no longer used as an insult
  • when asexual people are believed, respected and not mocked
  • when sexuality is no longer the second biggest reason that children are bullied at school (disability is still the biggest reason off bullying)
  • When LGBT+ people are not at risk of physical or sexual assault
  • When LGBT+ teenagers aren’t thrown out of home after disclosing their identity to family
  • When there isn’t pressure to ‘come out’ or ‘stay in the closet’.
  • When everyone can just BE.

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