Misconceptions About Sexuality (In My Opinion)

Let me say this from the outset, what I’m about to say is purely opinion. I haven’t got any research about this (yet). If I’m proven to be wrong, I’ll make sure I’ll make another post that’s actually accurate.

i read a lot of blogs (I follow a few), on bisexuality. A lot of posts written by self – proclaimed bisexuals talk a lot about discrimination, from both the gay and straight communities, bi – erasure and negative stigma, both presented in the media and society as a whole. I think that this goes beyond the moral condemnation that the gay community have historically faced (and still do in certain parts of the world). I think the reason why bi – phobia exists is because (at least partly), is because of the misunderstanding of sexuality as a whole.

I think the link between sexual identification and sexual activity has been too closely linked. Most people do end up acting on their attraction at some point in their lives. But those acts (albeit sexual and/ or romantic), doesn’t make the orientation. On the flip side, actions don’t always reflect orientation either.


I’m a firm believer that sexual/ romantic orientation is primarily about attraction and that is at least largely innate. Sexual and romantic orientation is a pattern of attraction, usually starting in adolescence. I have read bisexual bloggers insisting that they has experienced attraction from adolescence onwards, like when other people realise they’re gay or straight. For most people, this realisation (or at least suspicion), that a person could be bisexual, happens BEFORE any relationships take place.

Next, relationships. Again, this this goes back to the perceived link between sexual orientation and sexual activity. One of the damaging stereotypes that plague bisexual people is that they can’t remain monogamous and faithful. Unfortunately, I think the media plays on this. Put it this way, can someone who is straight remain single and celibate? Or, put another way, do people who are straight HAVE to have sexual with everyone of the opposite gender? No? Well, why assume that about people who identify as bi?


Discrimination like this is plain vicious, and, in my opinion, very ignorant and usually very ill- informed. Real people get hurt because of of how society continues to stigmatise others because of their sexuality (I have written about this in the past). It’s time we start respecting people and nog treating others like garbage like we seem to do.

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