“I Wish I Was Asexual” and Why It’ Probably A Mistaken Comment

“I wish I was asexual”. 

Personally, i’ve never heard anyone say this. I’ve only read about it online. I think, more often than not, said when the person saying it doesn’t exactly know what asexuality actually is. 

So, for people who have said it, I ask, what do you actually mean?

Wishing you could remain single? Your relationship or even your sexual status doesn’t determine your orientation. Want to remain single or celibate? Fine. Doesn’t change your orientation though. 

Want to lose your libido for some reason? Doesn’t make you asexual. I actually used to think that the two went hand in hand, which confused me. But sexual attraction, libido and even sexual desire aren’t necessarily the same.

I’ve already said countless times what asexuality is and I don’t think it need to rehash it all over again. I think the points above give you some idea anyway.

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