Why Is There So Much Pressure On Women To Be “Sexual”?

I just read a Huffington Post article called “5 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex With Your Husband Every Night”. Thank God I’m single! Articles like this and other media like it drive me crazy!

by the look if the article, the writer was relatively young. It wasn’t based on scientific research. Any way, here are some gripes I had with it:

Stereotypes and generalisations: Early in in the article, if was basically suggested that women’s ultimate reason for existence was motherhood. Now, I’m not knocking women who are mothers. If you are, then great. If you want to be, then good luck to you. But to suggest that the whole purpose for women to exist is to hear children is, frankly absurd and dangerous. What about women, who for medical reasons can’t bear their own children? Are they suppose to feel worse? Every woman is different. 

Too much pressure: So a woman has to have children (essentially according to this article), then, I’m guessing lose 20 kg the second you have he baby, and every day, regardless of how you feel. Apparently, it doesn’t matter how you feel. I get that most people feel like they need sex to feel connected to their spouses/ partners, but I still don’t like the pressure that it puts on people

Very immature overall: The article had a arrogant and immature tone. 

What about adversity? To me, the article was too utopian. What do you do if a spouse gets sick? Leave them for someone else? This is what I meant by “dangerous” earlier on in the post. There are some things that come into people’s lives that may affect people’s sex lives. What then?

I’m not an expert. I’m really not. I just hate the damned if you do/ damned if you don’t attitude about women’s sexuality. We don’t need to add to it, surely. 

Has anyone else read the article? What did you think?

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