Acknowledge Recognition For the Asexual Community

It can be frustrating being misrepresented, sometimes mocked, or pathologised in the media and society in general. It’ can be disheartening and upsetting. But I do believe there is  a lot of positive that has happened,  in the media. Here’s a few I can name (both on and offline).

  • The US Cosmopolitan website did a brillliant article on two anonymous asexual women. The article asked for their experiences without judging (from the article anyway, read about it in “Kudos to US Cosmo” post’).
  • The Feed did a great presentation earlier this year when Asexual blogger/ activist Jo Qualmann spoke of her experiences
  • Even on “The Project”, Carrie Bickmore (in particular), defended asexuals and was very polite. The story on asexuality itself was actually quite good.
  • A few years ago, Australia’s “Cleo’ did a feature on Asexuality (featuring Qualmann). It was very well written (albeit brief)

Just wanted to post some positive points about asexual visibility. It’s getting out there. For those who feel down over asexuality and it’s portrayal (or lack of), I truly believe that it’s only a matter of time until asexuality is treated as just a factor of life. Are we there yet? No. But I believe we will.

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