Why Am I Doing This Blog?

I have a confession: for the past couple of weeks, I’ve had doubts about this blog. I don’t  know if it’s just me, or whether it’s stale. I hope I haven’t annoyed or offended many people by what I’ve written here. I guess I could say why I wrote this blog.

Primarily, I think I wrote this blog to navigate asexuality and how it relates to me. Secondly, I wanted to gain a view of asexuality from a broader social context (hence the title). Lastly, and especially most recently, I wanted to raise awareness (hopefully) about some issues that some asexuals face (though not me personally).  I want a world where people can be who they are, and maybe that’s why I’ve continued with this blog and haven’t chucked it in.

I hope I haven’t come off as whiny or too critical. I’m trying not to beat the life out of certain topics. If I have ever come across that way, it’s never been my intention.


So, what about the future? I’ll continue with this blog, hopefully get some interesting content that sparks discussion. And, hopefully, content that people actually enjoy reading.

Just  want to thank my followers and like to make a special thank you to Bryan Patterson for his advice and encouragement. Thank you to all the people who have taken time and effort to comment on my blog. From now on, I’ll try getting around to replying to as many comments as I can.


Cheers. 🙂



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