Under Pressure

I am sick to death of the pressure put on people when it comes to being ‘sexual’ or ‘attractive’. It’s everywhere! I just read on The Mamamia blog about a dating site for ‘beautiful people’ being encouraged to ‘adopt’ an ‘ugly’ person then ‘helping’ them become more attractive (make – overs, plastic surgery, etc).

I’m sorry, but I find this total crap! I get people get attracted to others because of certain characteristics, including looks, usually through no fault of their own. Even I can’t help really acknowledging that someone is attractive. The reason why I hate this is the fact that it’s so elitist, (let’s face it, only some people would be able to fit the profile they’re looking for).

Secondly, this ‘adopt an ugly person’ idea sounds purely exploitive of people’s insecurities. Isn’t only going to further stigmatise people already marginalised in society?


As a woman, I am sick to death of being  ‘reminded’, if you like, that I’m never good enough. Either I don’t look right, I’m subhuman because I’m asexual or other reasons, I’m just over it.

It’s time that we start accepting people for who they are. The pressure on people needs to come down. How else are we suppose to battle eating disorders or bullying if we marginalise and bully people? I’ve just had it!


What do you think about this?

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