About “Special Rights”

I write this post, not in a bid to start a war. It’s just something on my mind. Ok… here goes. When people talk about issues like equality for women, gay rights, etc, sometimes you here the term “special rights” given to certain groups. But what are special rights, exactly?

  • The right not to live in fear because of your racial background, gender identity or sexuality
  • The right to not be harassed for who you are
  • A right not to be bullied because of who you are
  • Right to not be emotionally wrecked after being promised changes that will most likely never work (e.g. “ex – gay” therapy)
  • A right not to be stressed out of your brain in fear of losing family/ friends if you open up about who you are
  • A right to not have to feel like your less than human

Last time I checked, these were HUMAN RIGHTS. Not special rights. And, whether we like to admit it or not, sexual/ gender minorities in particular are more at risk of violence, discrimination and suicide than the general population. Students do get bullied because of sexuality or perceived sexuality (last time I heard, it was the second biggest reason students get bullied after disability).

Until all this stops, minorities are fighting for safety and a right to live in harmony, a right that everyone should be granted. They are NOT special rights.

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