Are We A New Phenomenon? Er… No

Just read a very short, not the best written article on asexuality. To the writer’s credit, he/ she (didn’t catch who the author was), didn’t try and medicalise asexuality. Apparently, we  exist to contradict a hyper – sexual culture. So, what, we’ve only existed in they past 60 or so years, a time when sexuality, including gay rights and visibility in the West at least? Simple answer, no. Please get this. If you share this information, even better – asexuality is an ORIENTATION. Asexuals simply don’t experience sexual attraction, or if we do (greys, demos, etc), it’s limited. Most asexual people, like people of other orientations, know (or suspect) that they are asexual around the same time others know they are straight, gay, bi, etc. why is it so hard for so many people to get this? So, I’ll finish off with a short summary of what asexual people are and aren’t:

  • We are not ‘innocent’ (seriously, sex is still something to feel guilty about? )
  • We don’t need to be ‘fixed’
  • We are not an enigma or something mysterious
  •  Like all orientations, the reasons why certain people are asexualvarecprobably complex and can’t be pinpointed (yet)
  • First and foremost WE ARE PEOPLE!

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