Naked Dating

So, tonight, I saw the start of a new reality show ‘Naked Dating’. Basic premise, people on an island (I think) or something. They have a bunch of people to choose from to date… naked. Like really? May I ask why?

2 comments on “Naked Dating

  1. nobody says:

    Because when you have 300 TV channels competing, you’ve got to come up with increasingly bizarre shows to attract viewers? Even if they just watch part of it for the WTF factor, they still get the ratings, and with the ratings come bigger ad buys.

    • saraharnetty says:

      True. I”d also argue, especially after almost the collapse of reality TV, particularly in Australia (Big Brother’s on it’s last legs – I hope, Australian Idol died years ago), they have keep coming up wiht more extremely crappy ideas. Thanks for the comment. šŸ™‚

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