Whatever You Do, Don’t Attack the Allies

It’s easy to look at the unfairness facing the LGBT+ community (incluidng asexuals) and to demonise EVERYONE that isn’t a part of the minorities. But this is a BIG mistake.

Firstly, not everyone is out to “get us”. There ARE people who want to support us. I admit, I’m one of the lucky ones to find people that do support me. I’m not trying to deny the fact that LGBT+ people do not battle with discrimination, sometimes on a daily basis. Even misunderstandings can hurt. But not everyone who is a part of “them” are the enemy. There are people out there who want to stand by our side. There are people who WANT to understand, like really want to understand. Those sort of people shouldn’t be shot down because a few other people think otherwise.

Allies are great. We need people in our corner. The biggest mistake we can make is treat everyone else as an enemy. Please don’t.

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