Apparently,  some Australian men are finding it hard to compliment a woman that they don’t know in fear of it being taken as sexist. However, columnist for Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, Sarrah Le Marquand, has lamented that men aren’t forward enough. I want to make my own point.

I don’t mind genuine compliments. In fact, I love them, whether from men or women. Of course, chances are that I’ll become uncomfortable if the so – called ‘compliments ‘ become incredibly suggestive. Regardless of orientation (or gender, for that matter), don’t most people have a basic idea of what will likely to be appropriate and what’s not? Like saying ‘you look lovely in that dress’, or ‘I love your haircut’, without getting sleazy about it? Maybe just be sensitive to the other person’s cues? Are they receptive? Do they look uncomfortable? Because you want to compliment someone to make them feel better, don’t you? Like I said at the start of the post, I love getting compliments. However, I’m also a big believer in respecting the sensitivities (cultural, etc). So, out it simply.

  • Keep it clean (Just say: ‘I like your….’)
  • Beware of cues (body language, etc). If they express any discomfort, don’t take it personally, but don’t push it
  • basically, it all boils down to one word…. RESPECT!

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