Is Singleness Genetic Or A Choice?

An article in Britain’s Mail  Online has done an article about a supposed study that suggests that singleness may be at least partly genetic. The theory is that certain genes affect serotonin levels affects how you bond with others and find a partner. I’ve read some Facebook comments of people who are skeptical. But my view is maybe, just MAYBE these scientists may have somewhat of a point. Let me explain.

OK, firstly, I’m a firm believer that attraction, sexual or romantic is at least largely, is not a choice. I do believe that people’s attraction (or even platonic to a degree), can come out of the blue. I also believe that biology does play a large part of whether or not someone is attracted to someone.

The article did acknowledge, however that .environment does also play a part and that genetics are not exclusively responsible. In actual fact, people in the study who did supposedly lack serotonin were only were only 20% less likely to find a partner. There was something about attractiveness in the article and how that plays a part, but I didn’t really look at closely.

So, what do you think?

5 comments on “Is Singleness Genetic Or A Choice?

  1. saraharnetty says:

    Reblogged this on What I Think.

  2. Interesting. I hope it’s not genetic! I do not want to be single until I am 30 (like both of my parents), lol!

    • saraharnetty says:

      Lol. I don’t know how big this study was. I just heard about it on a news/ entertainment program and skimmed the article.

      30 isn’t too bad an age to be single anymore is it? Just saying. Look, if you desire a relationship, go for it and see how if goes. 🙂

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