‘There’s Gotta Be Somebody….’

I can’t say how many times I’ve heard/ read that there’s ‘somebody out there fir everybody’. But is that ‘somebody’ always a romantic partner? I’d say, ‘no’.

  • It could be a best friend
  • Queer – platonic partner
  • Close family memberm
  • Maybe even a pet
  • Maybe multiple people and relationships are important to someone.

I was thinking about this when I was on Facebook before. The big problem we have when defining that ‘special someone’ is that, well, at least I think, that aromantic asexuals in particular are ¬†automatically excluded. But why? Why can’t a platonic or queer – platonic relationship be given just as much emphasis?

Look, it understand for most people, a ‘significant other’ is going to be a romantic/ sexual partner. It’s never going to be for everyone though. But I believe everybody needs to loved regardless. To quote Canadian rock band Nickelback:

‘Nobody wants to be the last one there

Everyone wants to feel like someone cares

Someone to love, with my life in their hands

There’s got to be somebody for me like that

Cos nobody wants to do it on their own

And everyone wants to know they’re not alone

Somebody else that feels the same somewhere

There’s gotta be somebody for me out there’. (Note: yes, in the context of this song, Chad Kroeger is talking about a romantic/ sexual relationship. But I still think it can apply to the need for love in general).




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