Asexuality and Symbolism

Since I’ve been coming to terms with my asexuality and getting involved and researching the asexual community (mainly through Facebook), I”ve become acquainted with the symbolism that is often used to represent asexuality.

First, the flag. For anyone who hasn’t seen an asexual flag, it’s purple, black, white and grey. Here’s one for people who don’t know.



Sometimes the flag features a purple triangle shaded with white, grey and black.



If I remember correctly, I think the flag was voted by members of the Asexuality Visibility and Educatoin Network by members in early 2000’s.


Second popular symbol in the asexual community is the black ring, which is often placed on the middle finger, rather than the ring finger. Some people use this as an outward expression of their asexuality.

Thirdly, the last major symbol attributed to the asexual community is that of cake. I think this was also decided on AVEN by users. In a way, it creates an endearing and social aspect to online communities for people who may otherwise feel isolated due to their asexuality ( along with other factors usually).

I’ve thought about getting a black ring before, however, I’m not really a jewellery wearer, so in that respect, there’s probably little point for me to get one. It may be an interesting way to start discussoin though (if it ever came up). But other than that…. I really see no need for one personally.

I like the flag. I guess it’s sort of the equivalent to the rainbow flag usuallly attributed to the LGBT community. I’ve never really felt overly attached to the cake idea. Not that I don’t like cake, but, as a symbol, it’s never really grown on me, although I respect other people who do.

To members of the asexual community (or other communities), how do you relate to symbols often associated to your particular group? Do you embrace it or don’t you really care either way?



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