The Asexual Market

On Tuesday (of Wednesday?), I clumsily wrote a post about asexuality and lack of representation and the demand for non – ace content by trying to bounce off Coyote’s blog (sorry if I caused any offence, Coyote. And no, the link didn’t work). So, I’ll try again.

It’s obvious there is a market for non – ace plots in major TV shows, movies and apparently video games. Most of the portrayals in pop culture is aimed at heterosexuals, although there is a small increase in the portrayal of LGBT people. It’s not a gimmicky thing anymore for the most part either. Shows like ‘Neighbours’ and ‘Glee’, I think have tried to portray the gay community in a relatively realistic light, (zits sues of coming out, homophobic bullying, etc have been a part of the shows).

But yet, there is still a lack of fair representation of asexuality in pop culture (there are a few shows and books that were listed by Julie Sondra Decker, none of which I’ve seen). In one way, I guess it’s understandable, that there would be minimal demand for asexual representation, partly because asexuals only make up 1% of the overall population and because asexuality visibility is still in it’s infancy.

Not only do people don’t know, or refuse to acknowledge that asexuality is real, the issues concerning aren’t that well known, from what I can tell. Mental health professionals are even (unfortunately), divided on whether asexuality is a legitimate orientation or whether it should be treated as a disorder, despite the fact that the American Psychological Association separated asexuality from Hypo Sexual Desire Disorder in 2013 (I think, feel free to correct me if the year’s wrong).

Would it be great for asexuality to be properly represented in pop culture? Sure. Will it ever happen? Maybe. We can always hope. In the mean time, maybe if you can you could write/ email producers, directors, etc to see if they could add asexual characters in their plots (in games, shows and movies). Maybe start a petition? Just running ideas through my head for those who do want to advocate for asexuality becoming more visible in pop culture. With me, I may do something like that in the future, however, at the moment my life is pretty full adept pp

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