What I’d Want and Don’t Want If Asexual Characters Were Included In Popular Fiction

Ok, I’m convinced, yes, it would be great if asexual characters were included in popular fiction (books, movies, TV shows, video games, etc). BUT (and yes, it is a big but), if asexual characters are to be included in story lines, I want a fair, non – stereotypical representation of asexuality ( I suppose if it’s a satire thing or an important part of the plot, then OK). If we’re going to have representation in pop culture, I want it to add to visibility, not further alienate asexual people from society. Here’s a few ideas on what I personally think should be considered when asexual people are included in fictional narratives:

  • As mentioned above, limit stereotypes unless necessary
  • That writers don’t create asexual characters in a way hat further enforces discriminative attitudes. I’ve read many blog posts about bisexuals about this. Bisexual characters often jump from one gender to another, only to further enforce the negative attitudes
  • Characters shouldn’t be asexual one minute, then not the next: I get that sexuality can be fluid or not so clear – cut for people, but there a ARE people who are asexual and have always been and probably always will be. Asexuality is an orientation, not a phase
  • I want asexual characters to be portrayed as fully human, with feelings, thoughts, strengths weaknesses and the same complexity as anyone else
  • I want to see the many dimensions of the character, not just their asexuality focus on their asexuality (see point above)
  • i want the complexity of different relationships of asexual characters, (family, friends, partners, etc), to be shown.

Not an exhaustive, and stuff that you’ve probably read before, but this is what I think.

To other asexual people in particular, what would you like to see in fictional asexual characters?

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