My Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Saturday is Valentine’s Day. On the 11th, I asked what people thought (feel free to add your thoughts). I thought I’d add mine.

There are two somewhat contradicting theories on the origin of Valentine’s Day. One theory was that the day was originally an ancient Roman Pagan festival in which a sort of draw (I think) was held of people’s names. If two people’s names were drawn out, they got together. When Christianity became the official religion of Rome (I’m guessing under Emperor Constantine), the festival was modified and called ‘St. Valentine!s Day’.

Second theory. St. Valentine wss zatrhur priest who lived around 4th century AD under the Roman Empire. He ended up being imprisined because the pagan Emperor outlawed marriage, which Valentine continued to carry out. As punishment, he was imprisoned, however, he still wedded couples. During his imprisonment, he befriended one of the guards’ daughters. They exchanged notes… I’m guessing until he died. He died on February 14, hence the date. So that’s supposedly why cards are given on that day.

So, so, that’s a bit of historical theory. Now, my take. I think the idea of showing loved ones you care about (spouses, partners, friends, etc), is important. I think it’s nice to send someone a valentine whom you may not always have the opportunity to verbally let them know that you love and/ or care for them.

However, I think the over – commercialisation has killed it!s meaning. I don!t like the way it can stir up self – pity (esprpecially for singles), jealousy and pressure on those who have partners, spouses, etc. Where!s the love? Isn’t what it’s supposed to be all about? So, yeah, nice idea, but I think it’s lost.

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