Two Personal Sides to the Gay Marriage/ Parenting Debate: Both Should Be Heard

are on all sides of the debate about gay marriage/ adoption/ IVF/ surrogacy. Recently I’ve heard and read about 2 very personal sides to the debate.

On the “pro” side is Labor Senator Penny Wong’s quite emotional response to Coalition Treasurer Joe Hockey in 2012.


Of course, the other side is the vote AGAINST gay marriage and adoption/ surrogacy, etc. Ironically, this article comes from a young American woman who was raised by lesbian parents for the majority of her childhood and speaks out against gay marriage.

Both of these really affected me. Why? Because it showed to me that both sides of the gay marriage/ parenting debate does have a very human side. Now, for the article, I don’t exactly know how common this feeling is among children being raised by same – sex parents, but it’s there and, to be honest, they should be able to be heard.

Commenting on the video from Q and A in 2012, I was actually taken aback by Penny Wong’s response to Joe Hockey’s view on parenting. She was, from the look of the video, genuinely hurt by the remarks. Most Australians would be aware that Wong and her partner, Sophie have two girls through IVF (I think. I looked at a photo of the two girls on Twitter last night and their absolutely gorgeous).

I just want to finish off by saying this. Regardless of what your view on gay marriage and parenting are, don’t create a World War III over it. People genuinely feel strongly about this on both sides and I think we should also be willing to listen to people (on both sides) who are directly affected by this issue.


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