Just A Thought…

Roughly 2% of the population are gay; probably another 0.6% are bi. I would say 20 – 25% of asexuals are romantically attracted to members of the same – sex (that’s just my guess). By my calculations, that’s  2.625% of the population (given 1% of people are asexual) will be essentially be able to marry someone of the same – sex if it was legalised. Yet, everyone else says it affects them? Hmmmm…. I say this because I think there has been too much fear in the debate, and I admit, I’ve bought into it. Currently, there is little movement to change the ‘Marriage Act (1961) to accommodate for same – sex couples. However, there have been rifts in the Labor Party after Deputy Leader, Tanya Plibersek tried to force the rest of the party to make a unanimous vote to change the Act rather than a conscience vote. This has caused outrage by both sides, including Opposition Leader Bill Shorten. But why does the conversation get everyone so heated? It’s like society will collapse if it happens. On the other extreme, same – sex marriage proponents try to damn anyone who even questions the move. Because of all this, I generally don’t like to join this debate. In truth, I’m torn about it. It’s just I’m getting sick of the fierceness and people don’t seem to debate the topic logically. Do you feel like the same – sex marriage debate is becoming to heated? Have you become fatigued over the debate?

2 comments on “Just A Thought…

  1. To me, it is a symbol of equality. If we can get married, then we are just as good as anyone else. It seems it is a symbol of equality to many opponents too, as they write of the particular wonderfulness of het marriage and how no gay relationship can be quite the same.

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